TA Zero Alpha 4c

Version Alpha 4c of Total Annihilation Zero is now here with an assortment of new units, improvements, adjustments, and bug fixes!

Alpha 4c adds several fundamental units to the game that had been missing so far. Each faction can now build their own dedicated transport aircraft specifically set up to be used for aggressive drops to the enemy flanks. While construction aircraft have been able to do this, they are too costly and slow to build in large numbers and not properly set up for the task anyway. In addition, GoK finally has access to their construction submarine and floating shield nodes, while Arm and Core can each build their own floating perimeter defences.

Alpha 4c carries on with the weapon effect overhaul by reworking all weapon projectile models. Not only do these new models have improved appearance, they also fix a variety of glitches related to some previously undocumented quirks of TA engine.

Speaking of the engine, there are a couple improvements to it once again. Target locking bug has been fixed, and all unguided weapons should now correctly aim at the sweetspot locations of targeted enemy units.

Download TA Zero Alpha 4c here, and visit the official discussion thread.

The hotfix, for those who need it, is included within TA Zero Alpha 4c patch archive in a separate folder. The hotfix for Alpha 4 should not be used with Alpha 4c.