Arm T2 Heavy Railgun Tank

Combining the best aspects of T1 units, T2 Heavy Railgun Tank is Arm's number one choice for direct combat with other heavy units and controlling the battlefield. Its heavy railguns outrange other battletanks, can pierce armor of most targets effortlessly and have enough power to kill T1 tanks with one salvo. Railguns reload slowly, but T2 Heavy Railgun Tank will not still be defenceless against larger amounts of lesser foes because of its EMG sponsor turrets. These EMGs can also prove useful for keeping Core's plasma shields down. While one of the largest and most durable units around, it is only moderately armored and can move at surprisingly high speed.

Arm T2 Heavy Railgun Tank

5 comments on Arm T2 Heavy Railgun Tank

  • Dri

    Pretty badass. Multi-turret anything is always fun! How big of a dent can this thing put into Core’s T2 behemoth?

  • TA_player

    Can I hope that next release will include at least one heavy ground unit on each side?

  • This one is quite capable of beating Core's T2 Battle Tank. High trajectory ballistic cannon is a bit too clumsy for shooting at anything else than structures and hordes of mobile units, and shield won't be of much use once in range of EMGs. It largely depends on how well Core player would micro his tank.

    All T2 ground units shown will be added in Alpha 4 release, and it isn't going to happen anytime soon. No T2 units are in game yet, nor have I even modelled all necessary units yet. Next releases will be just patches for Alpha 3.

  • TA_player

    This is not good, because i recently had played skirmish with 3ARM (i + 2ai) ws. 7 core+gok. And I must admit that it is truly HARD to beat ai with T1 units (mainly because of the gillions of corpses).

  • N72

    Yes, until T2 is in the game it is naturally very difficult to take down a large AI base, the only effective way is to build up a large amount of aircraft, especially bombers. But we can't modify T1 balancing just because T2 is not in-game yet, so as of now the game balance is "incomplete". Remember this is only an alpha version of the mod.