T1 Floating Point Defence Turrets

We have had a patch release Alpha 3b under work for a while now. Along a multitude of technical improvements and bug fixes there will be several significant changes to units. In order to clarify gameplay and give players more reason to build naval units, amphibiousness will be removed from all ground units apart from construction units and commanders. Several new units have been added and hovercraft and ships have seen dozens of adjustments, which should balance naval combat nicely. Most prominent part of these added units are T1 Floating Point Defence Turrets that can be used to boost your defences on watery maps. They all feature weapons well suited against hovercraft and provide large sight radius similar to basic turrets on ground, which can be really useful for your own hovercraft with their limited sight ranges. Should be noted that these are fairly easily overrun with focused attacks by hordes of hovercraft if left alone and are generally of little use against ships and their longer ranged artillery weapons.

Arm, Core, and GoK T1 Floating Point Defence Turrets
taz_138 taz_139 taz_140

2 comments on T1 Floating Point Defence Turrets

  • Gear54

    Can’t wait for floating missile turrets! (Or, in the case of the GoK, a floating Photon Torpedo turret!).

  • There won’t be floating AA turrets as there has been no need for such in any game I’ve played so far. Mobile AA hovers and frigates are there for a purpose. Also, basic AA turrets have so long range that they can cover most water areas on majority of maps anyway.