Arm T2 Tactical Missile Silo

Unlike the other factions, Arm will not have an artillery turret at T2, but instead will use the T2 Tactical Missile Silo for any longer ranged base busting. It can build and launch missiles with both standard and EMP warheads, and can have one of each prepared at a time. While it takes a couple minutes and plenty of energy to get missiles built, and the silo will have to be protected with other units, a well placed tactical nuclear strike will still be very much worth the effort. The missiles have a large blast radius and do a lot of damage to large targets, so it is entirely possible to destroy a cluster of T1 factories with a single hit.

Arm T2 Tactical Missile Silo

6 comments on Arm T2 Tactical Missile Silo

  • TaShadan

    Hope this is counterable. I always hated weapons of mass destruction which are impossible to counter.

  • Currently there are no anti-missile systems around, but this probably changes eventually. Anyway, these tactical missiles won’t really need to be interceptable as they’re not as mass destructive as you propably are now thinking. A single tactical missile sure can blow up a couple basic factories that are next to each other when dropped straight on them, but it won’t kill smaller and more heavily armored targets as easily. Aegis tanks pretty much only die with a direct hit as well, and GoK’s shielded units barely notice anything. Besides, an artillery turret will have done twice as much damage before the first nuke is ready to be launched.

  • TA_player

    This is not the place, but is there an equivalent of OTA Sniper in Zero?

  • There really isn’t anything like it, or atleast not for Arm. Core’s T2 laser kbot does bear some resemblance, but even it is more of an assault unit rather than a sniper. Adding some sort of sniper unit for Arm later on could be considered though.

  • TA_player

    Will AI use this weapon?

  • Yes. These missiles are not of the stockpiled type that are built separately, but instead just basic weapons that have been limited via unit’s script. Building more missiles is toggled with on/off button instead of queueing via build menu, and it will only cost energy.

    Don’t expect the AI to do anything reasonable with these though.