Arm T2 Field Engineer Kbot

Should an Arm commander ever find himself in need of a construction unit well suited for the frontlines, T2 Field Engineer Kbot would be that unit. It is tougher and more mobile than most construction units, armed with a versatile light railgun, and equipped with a radar jammer and small nanolathes. Arm T2 Field Engineer Kbot can build a variety of T1 and T2 fortifications, including T2 Anti-Armor Mine and T2 Radar Jammer, both of which are exclusively built by it alone. Compared to its T1 counterpart, T2 Anti-Armor Mine delivers a powerful and highly penetrative explosion, but with limited blast radius. Small T2 Radar Jammers then are fast and cheap to build, but offer only diminutive radar jam radius and are rather energy inefficient.

Arm T2 Field Engineer Kbot, Radar Jammer, and Anti-Armor Mine
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9 comments on Arm T2 Field Engineer Kbot

  • TaShadan

    Will ARM get a walker with 2 legs?

  • TA_player

    Great design. How much time did you spend on the concepts?

  • TA_player

    Can you provide a weapons characteristics?

  • Light railgun’s statistics are currently 75 damage, 1.5 reload, 500 range, and penetration 3.

    Concept and design of this unit came rather easily compared to other units I was working on at the time. Typically it’s not the complex and quirky ones that are hard to come up with, but the simple and straightforward ones with which I don’t necessarily have any idea how to make them more interesting.

    Arm already has a bipedal T2 kbot, and it was one of the first T2 units previewed last year.

  • TaShadan

    Found him :) but i was thinking about something like this.
    With a little bit more bulkier ARM look, but i can understand if there is no use for something like that anymore.

  • TA_player

    Is there any kind of automated targeting thing in upcoming v4?

  • No. Targeting facilities will not be added unless someone figures out a way to fix that feature. As per current it is completely broken and makes cloaking useless along causing other minor issues.

    I actually originally intended Commanders to have it from the go, but it was quickly removed because of aforementioned bugs.

  • N72

    TaShadan: The Arm Settler (T1 Expansion Builder), which is the “predecessor” to the T2 Field Engineer Kbot, actually already has a “chicken-legged” bipedal walker configuration similar to what you are suggesting, so it’s always possible there will be more Arm Kbots with that style. The tech tree is not fully planned yet and there will be more T2 and higher units added after Alpha 4 is released.

    As for targeting facilities, as mentioned they are too unbalanced for T2, but there’s always the possibility of including them as higher-tier endgame units.

  • TA_player

    Can somebody delete my #9 & #10 posts please? What i just meant is how invisibility to radar done in Escalation (jammer on spy kbots).