Improved Commanders in upcoming Alpha 4 release

Release of Alpha 4 and T2 ground units and structures is drawing near, and within next days we will start previews once again and take a look at all remaining T2 units that have been made so far, and also recap what has happened to earlier previewed units as they have been implemented to the game. Anyhow, first I will bring up recent changes to the commanders.

Arm, Core, and GoK Commanders in Alpha 4
taz_1c taz_50c taz_68c

Since T2 units are generally very powerful and many have highly penetrative weapons, all commanders have been adjusted to be more capable at fighting them. Arm Commander's EMG has been replaced by a much more potent plasma bolt cannon, which allows for the most vulnerable of commanders to reliably deliver damage to heavier enemy units before having to pull back. Core Commander now has a plasma shield to help deal with enemy heavy weapons. This shield will recharge faster when stationary, keeping it primarily a defensive ability. Due to scripting improvements, GoK Guardian can have an actual void shield again, now set up as a heavy void shield that is more efficient at blocking heavy weapons, while taking increased minimum damage from light weapons. In addition, the wrist-mounted ion blaster has been upgraded to a more penetrative ion beamer. While these changes don't particularly benefit the commanders against T1 units, discounting Arm Commander's new plasma bolt cannon, they still need something to limit their ability to go on rampaging around the map in early phases of a game, and to that end their movement speed has been reduced by some in Alpha 4.

2 comments on Improved Commanders in upcoming Alpha 4 release

  • Lurker

    Prewiews yayy!!!
    I was sure Core commander was bound to have a plasma shield and boy it looks faaantastik!
    Not so sure about slower movement but we will see when it comes out.
    Which brings up the bribe: if you deliver this awesome jewel of amazingness in time for my birthday (12th august) I will send you cake. Seriously. I’t a delicious cake.

  • horlof

    hey guys you can be make the gok updated comander have in one hand a saw or a big sword and in the other hand have a fast fire distort canon and in his shouders a photon missile launcher