TA Zero Alpha 3c and TA Zero Map Pack Version 1

After the flurry of releases and previews in the beginning of the year, we became very busy and TA Zero development had to be put on the back burner. However, we've still been making steady progress throughout the year and now have all of the T2 units previewed earlier working in-game, plus a few more. There's still more work to be done before we can post the Alpha 4 release, so you'll have to wait a while longer for the T2 units.

Today we are releasing the new Alpha 3c version of Total Annihilation Zero as well as Version 1 of the new TA Zero Map Pack.

TA Zero Alpha 3c contains a host of bug fixes and minor improvements to various things, as well as new floating missile turrets for all factions (current names are just placeholders) and a nano decomposer weapon for all ground construction units that instantly clears away trees and other vegetation that can get in the way of your base building. There are also a lot of balancing changes (the most notable of which is that all T1 mobile unit wrecks are now passable) that have been implemented in preparation for the large and game-changing T2 units that will be included in the upcoming Alpha 4 release. As usual, you can view the full changelog for Alpha 3c at the Version History page. The rest of the site, including the unit guides, has also been updated.

Download TA Zero Alpha 3c Here!

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The TA Zero Map Pack Version 1 contains updated versions of all previous TA Zero maps as well as two unique and brand new maps: River of Flame and Raindance. River of Flame is a hellish lava map with several choke points and a new fiery rain effect. Raindance is a lush battlefield with plenty of routes to the enemy and features a dazzling thunderstorm effect with constant rain and lightning. The TA Zero Map Pack will be updated whenever there is a map release or update and can also be used with original Total Annihilation or other mods.

Download the TA Zero Map Pack Version 1 Here!

Owners of Windows 8 and/or a new NVIDIA GeForce 600 series GPU may notice some game-breaking bugs when playing TA Zero or any other mod that uses a custom DirectDraw DLL. Please visit the FAQ for more information about these issues.

As we edge closer to the release of Alpha 4 we'll start showing T2 units again as well as doing more general previews of what's coming up next. Remember to subscribe if you want to be notified whenever there's news. Have questions or comments? Feel free to leave a comment here or visit the forum.

13 comments on TA Zero Alpha 3c and TA Zero Map Pack Version 1

  • TA_player

    So… no changes to arm Mirine?

  • N72

    No, why, were you expecting changes to the Arm Marine? Do you think it needs to be adjusted?

  • TA_player

    Yes, it needs some more meat i think.

  • N72

    It did get more meat with the Alpha 3 release earlier this year (check the Version History page, there were many changes to the Marine that version), remember that it’s really just supposed to be a distraction for enemy units to waste shots on. It would be best to wait until Alpha 4 before revisiting the balance of T1 units; if online play shows that Marines need to be beefed up further then it can be done.

  • TA_player

    Yes, for distraction and fall to pieces from every blast as i see.
    Plus, Arm hasnt any counterpart to Grunt. I.e. it will be nice if two Mirines would take down Grunt to 10-20% HP i think.

  • Scorpion tanks would be Arm’s closest thing to Core’s Grunts. Cost and combat capability are about the same.

    Marines then are not intended to be capable of fighting Grunts effectively. Two of them almost bringing one Grunt down would be insanely overpowered, atleast with current costs.

  • TA_player

    Cost must be adjusted with the same multiplier of course.
    The Scorpions are much less manoeuvrable.

  • N72

    If costs are increased then the Marines will no longer be effective for their intended purpose: cheap, quickly produced bait. There's not really supposed to be any unit parity in the mod, the goal is for the factions to be balanced overall. If Marines are not working for you there are plenty of other ways for Arm to solve the problem even from within the same factory. Harassers have a guided weapon with noticeably more range than Grunts and Settlers can stun Grunts and build Walls and Turrets to control where Grunts can go. Arm is, by design, more difficult to play than Core and GoK, if you just build units and throw them towards the enemy you won't do as well as Core.

  • TA_player

    Forgot to ask is there any kind of automatic targeting thing in v4?

  • TA_player

    Yo Voh, is this number of previews is final? Will you post some more?

  • Yes, there are plenty more T2 units in game in current build, and already previewed units have seen many adjustments. We’ll continue with the unit previews once things start to be in shape for Alpha 4 release.

  • Ghy

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