Core T1 Support Hovercraft

Core has so far been in trouble without any early game reconnaissance unit for maps with water areas, which often resulted in Marauders being unable to ever fight fairly against Arm's mixed groups of Outriders and Vikings. Against GoK this has not been so problematic as Scourges do not have any range advantage and Faerie are much more costly than Outriders and have less sight range. Scourges anyhow have been clearly superior to Marauders, and relations between these two units have been adjusted with a couple careful changes which in practice do not really affect anything else. Core T1 Support Hovercraft was basically created just to give Core some affordable naval reconnaissance unit, and to that end it features sight, radar and sonar ranges of 600. In addition, it has a nanolathe that can be used for repairing, reclaiming and capturing. Anyhow, it has slow build speed and cannot start any build processes by itself.

Core T1 Support Hovercraft

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