Instructions for recording and replaying multiplayer games of Total Annihilation Zero are provided below.

Recording Games

  1. Total Annihilation Zero automatically records all multiplayer games to the "…\TA Zero\Recorded Games" folder by default. Automatic recording can be toggled in the TA Zero Replayer options menu.

Replaying Games

  1. Launch the TA Zero Replayer and select a recorded game to play back. The Replayer will automatically launch the in-game multiplayer lobby where you can join the recorded game. If you downloaded a recorded game, place the .tzd file in your "…\TA Zero\Recorded Games" folder to add it to your library or simply double-click the file to load it from the current location without adding it to your library.
  2. On newer versions of Windows, the recorded game may not show on the in-game list. If this happens, simply press the Previous Menu button, select Internet TCP/IP Connection For DirectPlay, blank out the IP address that pops up, and press OK.
  3. Join the recorded game and press the green ready button to automatically launch the replay. Once the game has started, you can double-click a player's resource bars to switch to his or her view, and double-click again to lock to his or her camera position. Use the "Back To My View" button to regain visibility of the entire map. You will also have a "fake" player under your command which you can simply ignore or self-destruct.