The development timeline for Total Annihilation Zero is chronicled below.

January 2009 TA: Excess II development begins!
April 2009 Project announced to the public.
July 2009 First playable build compiled.
September 2009 Version Alpha 1 released to the public, featuring Arm and Core T1 land and air units.
October – December 2009 Alpha 1b through Alpha 1e updates released.
June 2010 Version Alpha 2 released, featuring major changes and the addition of Guardians of Kadesh T1 land and air units.
July – November 2010 Alpha 2b through Alpha 2f updates released.
January 2012 Name changed from TA: Excess II to TA Zero.
January 2012 Official website launched.
January 2012 Version Alpha 3 released, featuring major changes and the addition of T1 sea units for all factions.
March 2012 Alpha 3b update released.
November 2012 Alpha 3c update released.
October 2013 Version Alpha 4 released, featuring major changes, the introduction of the megamap, the addition of T2 ground units for all factions, and the adoption of the new TA Unofficial Patch based installer format.