Introducing Total Annihilation Zero

Welcome to the Total Annihilation Zero website, the new home of Total Annihilation Zero, previously known as TA: Excess II. On this site you'll find all the latest news, media, and information about the TA Zero project. We've already set up a lot of content including screenshots, previews, FAQs, and unit guides but there's a lot more to come in the future. We'll also be posting regular news updates detailing the development progress of the mod.

Not only are we launching the website today, we're also releasing the long-delayed Alpha 3 release of TA Zero, which has now accumulated a gigantic changelog of 224 entries. Here's a sampling of what's new:

– Tier 1 naval units for all factions have been added.
– Two normal units have been added: the Arm Hammer artillery turret and GoK Domina support hovercraft.
– Explosion animations have been completely recreated and further enhanced by the addition of "giblets".
– Useful interface enhancements have been added, such as minimap range rings for all turrets.
– Massive balance adjustments have been made across the board.
– Numerous technical fixes have been implemented.
– xpoy's new ddraw.dll file has been included, bringing important enhancements and fixes.
– The +ai and +control # cheats have been enabled for skirmish, allowing you to control the AI players.
– And much more! Read about all 224 changes on the Version History page.

Download TA Zero Alpha 3 Here!

Don't forget to visit the official Alpha 3 discussion thread.

That's not all! There's also a new map called Scramble. It was actually created quite a while ago but we decided to release it when the website launched. It's an unusual map because the the only way to get your Commander off of your starting island is by aerial transport. Needless to say, the AI will have a lot of trouble with this map due to the fact that it doesn't use transports.

Head on over to the Maps section to download Scramble.

Have questions or comments? Feel free to leave a comment here or visit the forum.

12 comments on Introducing Total Annihilation Zero

  • Dri

    Good looking site, guys and congrats on finally getting that update out!

    Here’s to all future TA: Zero updates and the eventual T2! Huzzah!

  • Anni

    Wow, the site looks amazing and really professional. Can’t wait to try this new version. Thanks guys. :)

  • eric

    i hope i can get the 3pack game updated, it lost exesmack32.dll.

    i’d aprecate any help. ta is still one of the best games made.


  • N72

    eric: If smackw32.dll is missing that means you need to reinstall TA. The easiest way to get the entire game plus expansions is to download it from, the entire package is on sale for $3 right now. Also, there is a newer version of TA Zero now available, check the homepage.

  • No total annihilation zero não tem mais unidades para fazer download?

    eu acho que tem poucas unidades no jogo para jogar

    aguardo uma resposta


  • N72

    Hi, if you check the news page you can read about upcoming units and future releases.

    Oi, se você verificar a página de notícias você pode ler sobre as unidades próximas e lançamentos futuros.

  • where can i download this then. or do i simply add it to my original TA?

  • N72

    You download it from the TA Zero link under the "Downloads" section of the left bar and you install it by following the instructions from the Installation page under the "Documentation" section. For more detailed answers to common questions please visit the FAQ page.

  • warart

    okay so if I walk my arse to the store to put moneys on a card will this work on my windows 8 I had a backed up copy of TA but it will not work said the smackw.dll not found… so how much will this all cost in the end?

  • Silverknight

    smackw32.dll is supposedly missing, BUT TA still runs without this mod. What gives? Why ever would I want to re-install a perfectly working copy of TA (with all the stuff it needs to function properly with other mods) just to run this one? This is the only mod I’ve had a problem with. I keep finding stuff that says to reinstall, and I keep finding stuff that says I should NOT download the .dll. I ran a virus/malware scan and found nothing, so that’s ruled out as well. I just don’t buy into reinstalling, since I ONLY have a problem with this mod. I tried re-downloading already: no dice. If it matters, my install is a download of TA. I may yet try reinstalling because this mod looks great, but I’m hoping there is a better answer.

  • N72

    This is the newspost for version Alpha 3 from over a year ago. Did you download the latest Alpha 4 version? Check the homepage for the latest news.

    If you did install the Alpha 4 version and it shows smackw32.dll is missing, then you probably installed the Patch Resources (and therefore the mod, which follows the Patch Resources) to the wrong place.

    When you install the Patch Resources, it will ask you to install it to your TA location. If you have the version, it should have found the correct game folder, but if not you need to select it. Then when you install TA Zero it should automatically install to the correct location. Let us know how it goes.

  • hugodude

    Yo, ok so where do I move the folder then? I downloaded the game via steam and im looking at the directory, where do I place the mod?