Instructions for playing multiplayer games of Total Annihilation Zero are provided below.

Multiplayer via GameRanger

Total Annihilation Zero supports easy online multiplayer via GameRanger.

  1. Download and install GameRanger from the official website.
  2. Open GameRanger's options menu and, in the Games tab, change the location for Total Annihilation from "…\TotalA.exe" to "…\TA Zero\TotalA.exe".
  3. You can now host and join TA Zero multiplayer games. All players must be using the same version of TA Zero and must have set their TA Zero location as their Total Annihilation location in GameRanger.
  4. If you would like to play original Total Annihilation or another mod, you must change Gameranger's Total Annihilation location again.

Multiplayer via the In-Game Menu

Total Annihilation Zero also supports local and online multiplayer via the in-game menus, however, you may have to configure your router to allow online games and you must either manually share IP addresses with other players or be on the same local area network in order to find games.

  1. Select Multi from Total Annihilation Zero's in-game menu.
  2. Select Internet TCP/IP Connection For DirectPlay.
  3. If you want to play a local game or host an online game, leave the address blank. If you want to join an online game, enter the IP address of the hosting player.
  4. Host or join a multiplayer gaming using the Select Game menu.