T2 Perimeter Defense Turrets

It's time to start previewing Tier 2 units! These units will be included in the next major release: version Alpha 4. Of course, there will be minor releases before then (Alpha 3b, Alpha 3c, etc.) to address any fixes or improvements to T1 but you'll have to wait until Alpha 4 for T2. Starting today, we are going to show new unit models on a regular basis, probably every few days. Once all of the new units have been modeled, we'll continue to keep you updated as we enter the next phase of development: getting the new units in-game and ready for action. Remember that you can make use of our new subscription feature to ensure that you don't miss any new updates as well join us on the forum to voice your opinions.

Today's units are the T2 Perimeter Defense Turrets for all three factions. These will pack much more of a punch than their little T1 brothers and are more diverse as well. The Arm turret is equipped with a railgun that fires slowly but features extreme range and stopping power. Core's turret is more heavily armored and armed with potent laser cannons, however the range is shorter and the lasers require energy to fire. Finally, the GoK turret (which is shielded, unlike the T1 PD Turret) has the shortest range of all, but its warp beam fires continuously and can penetrate almost any armor. It will also most likely increase its firing rate as it focuses its beam on a particularly tough target. It only makes sense that such a powerful weapon will consume a lot of energy!

Arm, Core, and GoK T2 Perimeter Defense Turrets
taz_16 taz_21 taz_101

2 comments on T2 Perimeter Defense Turrets

  • Dri

    Good stuff. You mostly likely also have a MRPC type deal but anything else? Any special defense structures unique to TA: Zero?

  • There are indeed medium range plasma cannons coming for Arm and Core, but GoK will get something a bit different. So far only the basic set of T2 units for each faction is planned out and their models under work, so there’s a lot of room to add some tricky special units later on if any need arises. Anyway, T2 units will generally have some special abilities that should make them interesting, rather than just delivering bigger guns and tougher armor onto the field.