GoK T2 Defence Runnerpod

As far as GoK T2 Defence Runnerpod is from a battle tank, it is still the closest thing to such that GoK has. Armed with dual warp beam lances, equipped with nanolathe, protected by powerful void shield and more armor than most GoK's mobile units have, and it all mounted on a highly mobile hull, this unit is a force to be reckoned with. Its nanolathe permits GoK T2 Defence Runnerpod to build Shield Nodes and repair other units, so it can support defences or fortify itself against an incoming horde of enemy assault units given a moment of time. Its mobility coupled with potent shielding and self repair ability make it one of the most resilient units if not exposed to too much firepower at once, and also make it a fearsome hit and run unit. Anyhow, it is a highly visible target due to its height and size, and warp beams have rather short range, so it is not that capable at direct confrontations with large enemy forces that have some heavy support units around.

GoK T2 Defence Runnerpod

4 comments on GoK T2 Defence Runnerpod

  • TA_player

    What is the total height of Shield Node?

  • Shield Node’s hitbox height is currently 10.5, but will be increased to 14.5 in next patch. T2 Defence Runnerpod’s sweetspot is at height of 19.0, so you cannot really expect it to be protected by Shield Nodes if standing right behind them and the enemies fire from further away. (…or with high trajectory artillery weapons, which surely ruin the day.)

  • TA_player

    It would be nice to see this unit with its own special “high” shield node. I.e. some kind of a void shield “column”. Can this be realized through high invisible hitbox?

  • I’d preferrably avoid making any small and cheap walls that can protect from artillery fire. Some larger shield wall sections that will block all artillery fire while being vulnerable to all short ranged weapons might be made later on, but those would be expensive and built only by T2 construction units.

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