GoK T2 Artillery Turret

GoK usually does not put much focus on artillery units. There is no specialized T1 mobile artillery unit like Arm and Core have, nor will there be any long range artillery turret available at T3. Some artillery capability is anyhow required, and T2 Artillery Turret will deliver that. Unlike Arm and Core Medium Range Plasma Cannons, this one is purely offensive unit and has weapon range beyond all other T2 artillery. It is not intended for claiming surrounding area as yours, but for bombarding enemy bases from afar. GoK's T2 Artillery Turret is costly to build and will require protection of other units since it has no heavy armor and is only moderately shielded for such a high priority target. Its warp cannon will also require large amounts of energy to fire and reloads slowly, so shooting stuff at random is more or less wasted effort.

GoK T2 Artillery Turret

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  • xpoy

    wawa, I like the lighting around the barrel, would there be a T4 lighting arround barrel? :D

  • Dri

    But… but… the Searing Amaryllis was like the best artillery model ever! How can there not be a T3 artillery got GoK?! D:

    Haha, anyways, this one looks awesome as well and I expect it will have an equally awesome explosion for its projectile.

  • This model is a mixture of GoK’s artillery turrets from old Excess 1.31. Cannon and its planned animation are very much similar to those of Searing Amaryllis, and atleast some of the old sounds will be used for this one too. I haven’t yet made explosions for this category of GoK’s weapons, but I’ll try my best when I do.
    GoK will not need T3 artillery for two reasons. There will be some super bomber unit for GoK once again and those should satisfy your daily need for massacres. Secondly, there will not really be need for much longer ranged artillery than this one as TA Zero is designed to be played on smaller maps.

  • Dri

    Hmm, you could easily tell that T1 was meant to be small maps only but didn’t know it was gonna be overall meant for smaller maps.

    How large do you envision the biggest maps that would play well, 15×15? 20×20?

  • Well, I meant it from duelling point of view. With larger amount of players there hardly is any limit to what map sizes are playable.

  • TA_player

    Sorry what i post here, but can you give me a link to the indestructible features bug solution?

  • N72

    TA_Player: I’m not quite sure what you are talking about…