Core and GoK T2 Anti-Air Units

Core T2 Pulse Kbot is armed with a rapid-firing area-effective pulse cannon which is primarily intended as an anti-air weapon, but performs quite well against hordes of light units. The pulse cannon is particularly effective against groups of gunships, but cannot reliably hit lone strafing fighters or reconnaissance aircraft. With its all-terrain spider tank chassis it is able to get into good positions, and perhaps also avoid enemy defences to launch a surprise attack from an unexpected angle. Anyhow, it is not as heavily armored as most of Core's T2 units.

Much similar to Core's equivalent unit, the GoK T2 Starcannon Runnerpod has weaponry designed to mercilessly destroy enemy gunship hordes with salvo after salvo of area-effective projectiles. It is a surprisingly capable and versatile unit due to its combination of mobility, moderately good armor, and powerful shield. It is not the cheapest unit around though.

Core T2 Pulse Kbot and GoK T2 Starcannon Runnerpod
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