GoK T2 Support Hovercraft

Perhaps the most bizarre GoK unit around, T2 Support Hovercraft features an exotic set of weapon systems intended for area denial and crowd control, and a powerful void shield to protect its rather vulnerable hull. Its primary weapon is a heavy photon cannon that is extremely effective against lightly armored targets. Photon cannon projectiles have a large blast radius and will explode at range if they miss their target. Anyhow, while impressive in its own right, it is the special weapon system that really makes this unit. For a significant energy cost, T2 Support Hovercraft can use its dimensional splicer to channel a wide area damage-over-time effect that lasts for 10 seconds. Any light T1 units trying to pass through the area will most likely be destroyed, and even heaviest T2 units will have to watch out since dimensional splicer does damage relative to target size and durability.

GoK T2 Support Hovercraft

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