Arm and Core T2 Anti-Air Turrets

The Arm T2 Flak Turret houses arrays of cannons identical to their mobile T2 anti-air unit, but is capable of continuous fire with no need for reloading breaks. It is extremely effective at softening up gunship or bomber swarms, but will require T1 anti-air units to pick out any scattered or fast aerial targets with their guided missiles. Compared to the T2 Pulse Kbot, Core T2 Pulse Turret is heavily armored, doubles rate of fire with a second array of pulse cannons, and also features a small radar. Akin to the Arm equivalent, it is intended to support T1 anti-air units rather than replace them. While primarily intended as anti-air units, both turrets are capable of attacking ground targets and may come in handy as a backup crowd control solution against hordes of lighter T1 units.

Arm and Core T2 Anti-Air Turrets
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