GoK T2 Anti-Air Stasis Device

Exceptional in many ways, the GoK T2 Anti-Air Stasis Device is purely a support unit, unable to do any damage to enemy aircraft itself. Instead of a weapon in any conventional sense, its odd looking turret houses a stasis field projector, which is so far the only paralyzer weapon that can affect aircraft. It cannot aim at ground units, so this unit will have its own very specific niche. The stasis field projector has a somewhat slow fire rate, requires energy to fire, and has limited range, but it practically never misses, and can disable multiple targets for a couple seconds with each blast.

GoK T2 Anti-Air Stasis Device

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  • TA_player

    And how does it looks like? The plane just freeze in the air?

  • N72

    Yes but it doesn’t look weird due to the weapon’s graphical effects. This weapon also does not have a visible projectile, it just “points” at the target and a large stasis blast occurs in the air, it looks very cool.

    To clarify on how the paralysis actually works, it’s just like with any ground unit, so it depends on what the target was doing when it gets paralyzed. If the target was attacking, it will freeze in the air. If the target was simply moving, it will “freeze” but continue moving due to “momentum”, meaning its weapons will shut off and it cannot be controlled, cancelled, or given a new order until the paralysis wears off. It’s a little strange but that’s how paralysis has always worked in TA.

  • TA_player

    I.e. that bug with paralysing weapon on stationary turret does not occur here?

  • TA_player

    If you use paralysing weapon on stationary turrets with standart OTA scripts. If primary weapon then turret do not change the target. If secondary weapon and target gets out of range then turret stuck. This is related to ground units.

  • TaShadan

    Any news about the release date?

  • TA_player

    Other Anti-Air turrets?

  • TA_player

    One more question: does it make sense to include T2 AA turrets while there is no T2 aircrafts in v4?

  • Indeed they aren’t particularly relevant yet, but are a nice addition nonetheless. They’ll stop T1 gunship swarms, help against large amounts of bombers, or at very least provide players with more durable and armored option that is also somewhat capable against hordes of light ground units. Note that these are not better AA turrets intended to replace the basic ones, but rather more specialized ones to support the basic T1 turrets with.

  • TA_player

    Any chance that we will see teleports in v4?

  • Teleporter units, if I ever make them, would propably be tier 3 units. Multi-unit air transports then are in plans for tier 2 air, but even those won’t be made anytime soon.

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