GoK T2 Photon Torpedo Silo

While GoK's T2 mobile ground anti-air unit is alike those of the Arm and the Core in its functionality, GoK actually has two T2 anti-air structures, neither of which bears much resemblance to the turrets of the other factions. The T2 Photon Torpedo Silo is basically an immobile Harbinger on steroids, capable of firing bursts of enhanced photon torpedos from a multitude of vertical launchers. The enhanced photon torpedos do a lot of damage and have some blast radius, but are slower than the standard ones and burn out quickly, limiting their ability to hit fast targets. The T2 Photon Torpedo Silo is exceptionally well armored for a GoK unit, and has an adequate void shield on top of that. Anyhow, its relatively short weapon range, inability to attack targets next to itself, and negilible sight range limit it to a supporting role.

GoK T2 Photon Torpedo Silo

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