Core T2 Artillery Cannon

Core's T2 Artillery Cannon is the most expensive T2 unit made thus far, and for good reasons. It features four large cannons that fire artillery shells specifically designed for taking out enemy buildings over a rather long distance. These have larger than usual blast radius, and high damage bonus to structures, but have reduced penetration and damage. Unlike other artillery and medium range cannons, this one does not need energy to fire, and can sustain a relentless barrage of shots on its own. As always with Core's fixed turrets, the T2 Artillery Cannon is rather durable and heavily armored, but does not have a plasma shield as the T2 Medium Range Plasma Cannon does.

Core T2 Artillery Cannon

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  • Dri

    Now this is what I’m talking about – big, massive toys that are tons of fun to see in action! Too bad this will almost never be seen in multiplayer. ;_;

    I wonder if only the massive T2 ships will be more expensive than this.

  • It currently costs 2000 metal to build, and I’ve seen 1800 metal cost Blazing Orchid artillery turret being built twice during one game on Coast to Coast map. I’m quite sure these will be seen a lot in online games.

    T2 naval units will most likely be much more costly though. Atleast if we’re talking about some battleships.

  • TA_player

    *Too bad this will almost never be seen in multiplayer. ;_;* Too little or no beer.

  • N72

    The range is 2400 currently, compared to 1600 for the Core MRPC and 1500 for the Arm MRPC. The Arm tactical nukes have a range of 3000 while the GoK artillery cannon has a range of 2700, however both of those require energy to use (as do the MRPCs).

  • TA_player

    Nice, but the difference in range between mrpc and this type of weapons must be greater IMO.

  • N72

    Keep in mind these are not the Big Bertha equivalent, they are still T2 units, so we wouldn’t want them to get overpowered. Anyway, T2 stats are far from set in stone, online play will make it all clear.

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