Breaking the silence

There were all kinds of grand plans for TA mods previously; installers, autoupdates, mod switching launcher, improvements to the engine, uncounted new features for modders to use and so on. Some of all that has actually happened, some is being worked on, but overall the TA modding community has been in disarray ever since N72 disappeared and took the community patch project with him.

TA Zero was hurt the most because until then N72 had been making all the buildpics, doing a lot of technical work, building and upholding this website, and written newsposts and various text files.

Although slowly and randomly, TA Zero has still been progressing in relative silence over the last years. Alpha 4b patch release has been essentially ready for a while now, new test builds being available on the forum every here and then. There's also a handy thread that summarizes all the new stuff you should get. The changelog has hundreds of lines, including many new units, some bug fixes and a crazy amount of balance adjustments, so everyone still playing Zero should go and grab the latest Alpha 4b test build files; just unzip into your TA Zero folder and replace old Alpha 4 files.

5 comments on Breaking the silence

  • Dri

    That is pretty unfortunate that he just disappeared!

    But, hopefully TA Zero will still soldier on! TA Escalation comes close but TA Zero is the most polished and professional TA mod out there, imo.

  • Gabriele Nerd

    I really liked this mod, but it was incomplete and buggy. I’m really excited by the opportunity of seeing it complete and fixed! I’ll try this update!

    Keep going on! =)

  • Well, it is still incomplete. There is just a single T2 aircraft for each faction, T2 navies only exist as a couple old sketches on paper, and obviously there is no T3 at all yet.

    There never has been much bugs in Zero, less than in other mods or OTA actually, but there are still some things that just cannot be fixed. Do not target mobile units with Arm Retaliator EMP missiles. That will still jam it.

  • Gabriele Nerd

    Sorry, I wrote a misunderstandable comment. My bad. I meant that I’m looking forward to the mod to be completed someday, I thought this mod was abandoned.
    I found this mod to be really unstable and crushy in TCP/IP multiplayer in some gameplay sessions.
    Other mods didn’t had this problems… strange.

    Thank you for you work =)

  • I never saw any bug or anything of the sort in Zero. It’s true that GoK has way less units as of now but it’s all still very good.