T2 Power Generators

Continuing with the most fundamental structures, T2 Power Generators will allow players to efficiently keep up with rising energy requirements without having to resort to making fields of vulnerable T1 energy production structures for their enemy to bombard. T2 Power Generators will produce tenfold amount of energy compared to their T1 counterparts (or twentyfold in case of Arm and their Solar Panels) with greater cost efficiency. Arm and Core T2 Power Generators are also heavily armored, while GoK again mostly counts on more powerful void shield. It is still undecided whether or not Core's one will have a plasma shield.

While higher tier units will not cost crazy amounts of metal in TA Zero, the amount of energy required to build them will be significant compared to T1 units. In combination with how T2 Metal Extractors and various T2 combat units are designed, this will, in my opinion, be the most interesting way to balance the gameplay. Players will still be fighting over control of each metal spot on the map even in later phases of the game as there will be no means to dig more that 6 metal per second out of each, nor will there be ways produce metal straight out of energy. There will be no energy races, cornered players may still win the game with focused attacks and expansions with T2 units, and loss of main energy production will not be entirely crippling, but merely just enforces one to use T1 units only.

Arm, Core, and GoK T2 Power Generators
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3 comments on T2 Power Generators

  • Gear54

    So, no metal makers? I’m gonna miss building huge farms of them. Oh well, it’s still going to be a really awesome mod.

  • There used to be metal makers in previous releases, but we found that they just undermined the most fundamental gameplay mechanics. I intend this to be a game where you win by fighting, not by farming.

  • Lagi

    Vohvelieläin you’re right (I agree with Power Generators description).