T2 Ground Factories

Mighty T2 ground units will require large T2 Ground Factories. These have construction power equal to two T1 Ground Factories and yard area wide enough for building units up to twice the size of T1 Destroyers. Metal/BuildTime ratios of T2 units will be similar to T1 units, and thus fulfilling T2 Ground Factory's metal consumption per second will require three T2 Metal Extractors at minimum. T2 Power Generators will as well prove useful since relative energy costs of T2 mobile units will be atleast twice as high compared to T1.

Unless playing on a large map, expenses of running a T2 Ground Factory will be so high that one is likely to be periodically left inactive. Structures of such value are best kept well protected during those times. As per usual, Arm's factory will close into armored state when inactive and GoK's one will be protected by a powerful void shield. Core's factory will be protected by their new plasma shield technology whenever not building anything.

Arm, Core, and GoK T2 Ground Factories
taz_114 taz_115 taz_116

5 comments on T2 Ground Factories

  • Dri


    They look quite a bit bigger than T1 from what I can tell… are T2 units pretty beefy in size or just a select few are quite large and thus the need for a bigger factory model?

    Also, It seems GoK factory is in standby mode but are the other two fully open or is the ARM one only partly open? Or hell, are they all in standby/open?

  • All those images of factories show them in their closed positions. As said, the yards will be rather spacious, and some of the T2 units will indeed be large enough to fill them. Think of melding eight T1 battletanks into one monstrosity and you’re quite close.

  • Dri

    Holy snaps. Would that monstrosity be for Core? Was the mighty Goliath even equal to 8 Raiders? :O

  • N72

    You’ll find out soon. ;)

  • Jakob

    I love your mod, its so SEXY! :D