Core T2 Battle Tank

As seen in the last update, T2 Ground Factories are quite a bit larger than the T1 ones so as to accommodate some of the bigger T2 units, including Core's massive T2 Battle Tank. This beast is one of the more straightforward T2 units, designed to smash its way right through the enemy. Its huge cannon doesn't have much range, but it does have a lot of power and a large area of effect, making it excellent for crowd control and blasting through defenses. The T2 Battle Tank has a higher MaxDamage and Armor Class than even the T1 Destroyer and features Core's new plasma shield technology. Unlike GoK's more sophisticated void shields, plasma shields simply halve the damage of a single hit once every few seconds (two in this case). This means they are not that helpful when the unit is being bombarded from all around, but very useful for blocking occasional fire, stray impacts, and targeted strikes. For example, the plasma shield can't do much against rapid-fire weapons or hordes of smaller units, but it can protect well against slow-firing rockets and artillery cannons or possibly even a surprise nuclear strike.

Core T2 Battle Tank

7 comments on Core T2 Battle Tank

  • Stchurdak

    looks amazing, and cool shield function

  • Dri

    Wowza! That thing does look like a beast! Animated treads, of course? Does it have a custom projectile/explosion as well?

    Also, is its range as long as the Aegis or shorter?

    And yes, that is a really cool idea for shield tech. How many other T2 mobile units will sport shields? Probs some of the ships I would imagine but those are most likely not even thought about yet. ;)

  • The weapon will use its own projectile model and custom large blue plasma explosion. Weapon range will be longer than Aegis range; it is “short” only for a weapon of such scale.

    Atleast one other T2 mobile ground unit will be shielded as it is integral part of the unit’s function as a heavy unit killer.

  • TA_player

    It would be nice to see a auxiliary weapon on the fore body. A Grunt`s laser can be used to save one ID.

  • N72

    Sticking another weapon on doesn't really make sense for this particular unit, especially a rapid-fire weapon. However, I think you might like Arm's T2 tank. ;)

  • GOOD website, this is cool :D

    But a question, as played some games in here,

    It’s clean that big units work bad in the small bridge, as well as this units had be bigger, how is it gonig on?

  • N72

    Well, not all units are right for all circumstances. If a unit isn’t good for a map, maybe you shouldn’t build it. ;)