GoK T2 Fast Attack Kbot

Defying all logic, GoK's T2 Fast Attack Kbot can quickly traverse almost any terrain to strike where the enemy is most vulnerable. Its photon blasters are powerful against lightly armored targets, and will burst-fire when engaging combat, further enhancing unit's hit-and-run capability. It is also capable of hovering over water, but photon blasters will not be usable while doing so. Since other units cannot usually follow where it goes, T2 Fast Attack Kbot is also equipped with small anti-air gun to give it some degree of defence against gunships. Despite its armament, void shield and some degree of armor, it is still relatively frail unit, and mobility should be considered as its greatest protection.

GoK T2 Fast Attack Kbot

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  • Mordja

    Ohdearlordthatlooksawesome. Sorry, I just really like the wing motif on smashy, killer robots.

    Heh, though between this and the Shock Assault Kbot, you’re showing your fondness for hat guns. :P