Arm T2 Heavy Artillery Tank

Arm's T2 Heavy Artillery Tank is basically just a mobile platform to deliver one of the biggest cannons to the battlefield. It has very long range for a mobile unit and plenty of hitting power, but will need the unit to remain stationary and deploy its support arms before firing the cannon. Also, the cannon features good accuracy, long reload time and small AoE, so it is most suited for pinpoint attacks against specific fixed targets rather than anything else. Intended to be affordable, T2 Heavy Artillery Tank is lightly built and only moderately armored.

Arm T2 Heavy Artillery Tank
taz_129b taz_129

2 comments on Arm T2 Heavy Artillery Tank

  • Dri

    As I’m sure you’ve heard more than once – really top-notch modelling and animating for TA!

    Will this unit out-range the MRPC structures thus allowing ARM a big advantage at base siege?

  • It will most likely outrange Arm’s own MRPC, since that turret design focuses mostly on firepower instead of range, but Core’s one is different and these will propably have equal range. GoK then doesn’t even get anything that would be closely comparable to MRPC; their T2 artillery turret is purely offensive instead of area denial.