T2 Radar Towers

Arm's T2 Radar Tower does not have any special abilities, but it is cheapest to build and rather well armored for a radar tower. It also features the longest radar range of all, but consumes lots of energy to achieve that. Core's one uses least energy relative to its radar range, but cannot detect targets from as far as Arm's equivalent can. It has slightly improved armor and will retract and protect itself with plasma shield when deactivated. Unlike others, GoK's T2 Radar Tower will be shielded even when active and features extended sight range. It doesn't improve radar range that much over the already significant range of GoK's T1 Radar Tower though.

Arm, Core, and GoK T2 Radar Towers
taz_133 taz_134 taz_135

2 comments on T2 Radar Towers

  • Dri

    Ahaha, out come the radar towers!

    But hey, they are pretty and keeping in-line with TA ZERO design, they have unique functionality in some way!

    Are you folks worried about balancing though? Escalation has only two factions and they STILL aren’t done balancing the thing, granted they have all the way to T3 and keep adding units, but TA ZERO has 3 very different factions even at T1. I forsee many A to Z patches in the future! >8D

  • N72

    If anything balancing TA Zero will be much easier than balancing TA: Escalation. We can do anything we want and invented the entire balancing from scratch, while they are much more limited in what they can change (due to both the concept of the mod and the players) and are working off of an existing (and rather poorly balanced) game base which they must generally preserve as TA: Escalation is an expansion and not a conversion. Given our experience with balancing so far, I don’t foresee any major issues in the future, and for any problems that may pop up we can do anything necessary to fix them.