Core T2 Laser Kbot

Unlike the Core T2 units previewed so far, the T2 Laser Kbot is designed to take out specific high priority targets. It's not exactly the toughest or most armored unit around, but its plasma shield, mobility, and potent laser cannon allow it to get the job done. The high penetration laser cannon is especially effective against both medium and heavy units and is one of the few weapons in the game that has an anti-heavy bonus. While powerful, the weapon requires energy to fire, does not reload especially fast, and may also require a one second charge-up time to fire, rendering this unit useless against swarms of light units.

Core T2 Laser Kbot

7 comments on Core T2 Laser Kbot

  • Dri

    Nice, nice. Is that left shoulder rocking some sort of secondary weapon or is it just for looks? Does this kbot outrange ARMs T2 battle tank?

  • wangyaoalan

    The barrel of the laser connan seems little bit short…or slender, anyhow, it should be a heavy power thing…
    It that possible to ask T2 units for testing?

  • None of the T2 units are in game. I’m not yet done with all necessary T2 ground unit and structure models, and none of their wrecks and weapon projectiles have been made.

  • N72

    Gizmos on left shoulder are not weapons. This is also not a sniper unit; the weapon range is planned to be 600 pixels, which is the same as the Core T2 Battle Tank and less than the Arm T2 Heavy Railgun Tank.

  • Gear54

    Again, awesome work.

  • Lagi

    Without left arm and humanoid figure he looks cripple. ; – (

    In my opinion humanoid models (easy to indicate arms, legs, torso and head and standing posture) doesn’t fit to Core side. Core is AI, highly technological advanced human threat. Core units should personify what people are afraid of: spiders, insects, surgical equipment, blades, lasers, cold ruthless machines.

    Humanoid models better suits to Arm, which is heir of humans civilization. Humanoids has unsuitable for military purposes silhouette (high, easy to collapse, lack of space for weapons, head as easy to locate sensitive point) which in this case can be explained by human clone inside metal body.

  • I think humanoid models are fitting specifically for Core and much less for Arm.

    Core is not a threat to human civilization. Core is the human civilization, or atleast the central government of it. To them patterning process is just the next step in evolution, not anything that was intended to destroy mankind. Core also is the faction with higher technology, more resources and will to appear superior, so being not so cost efficient and preferring a more stylish form of propulsion and high posture hull type for their combat units fits them well.

    Arm then are a rebel faction fighting desperately for survival. Being practical and cost effective to the extreme means everything for them, and rugged tracked vehicles with blocky shapes are a byproduct of that.